Infected Horde

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The Infected Horde is an event in which tests the strength and endurance of the alliance as a whole.

The alliance leader can start it by manually activating the horde alarm when the alliance is ready, or pre-set a time so that the system will automatically activate the horde. The Alliance members will receive a mail when the alliance leader (R4/5) sets the auto time and when the event starts. After each wave, players who are still participating will receive a battle report.

Event duration: 40 minutes, 20 waves

Do note that all states are now using the new horde mechanism where your alliance member's points won't be reduced when you reinforce them. If your alliance member has 0 troops in their base and you send in a full reinforcement, given that defence is successful, your alliance member will get 100% of the point and you will get max 50%, yielding 150% of the point for your alliance score.

The alliance territory will be surrounded by the infected horde. As soon as that happens, timer will start and consecutive waves of increasing difficulty infected will be spawned.


There are three types of attacks:


Waves 7, 14, 17 will attack 15 random settlements. You can send reinforcements to your other members that are being attacked.

Alliance HQ[edit]

Waves 10 and 20 will attack your Alliance HQ, you must defend your HQ against a large legion of zombies.

👍 Tip to make the most points: Wave 10 reinforce only with Infantry; Wave 20 reinforce only with Hunter. HQ leadership is given to the player with the greatest rally capacity; rally capacity is divided by 20; the result is the number of troops each player sends to HQ.


The others are attacking all the colonies/settlements. You must defend your colony and those of your allies against a zombie attack...

👍 Tip to make the most points: You keep only one army in your colony and send the rest to the weaker players to help them hold out. As soon as you burn once, you call everyone back home.


Wave Attacker Troop tier Time until next
1 Lv. 1 Horde II + I 1 minute
2 Lv. 2 Horde II 1 minute
3 Lv. 3 Horde II + III 1 minute
4 Lv. 4 Horde ? 1 minute
5 Lv. 5 Horde ? 1 minute
6 Lv. 6 Horde III + IV 1 minute
7 Lv. 7 Horde Master III + IV 3 minutes
8 Lv. 8 Horde IV 1 minute
9 Lv. 9 Horde IV + V 1 minute
10 Lv. 10 Horde Overlord IV + V 5 minutes
11 Lv. 11 Horde V 1 minute
12 Lv. 12 Horde V + VI 1 minute
13 Lv. 13 Horde VI 3 minutes
14 Lv. 14 Horde Master VI 1 minute
15 Lv. 15 Horde VI+VII 1 minute
16 Lv. 16 Horde VII+VIII 1 minute
17 Lv. 17 Horde Master VIII 3 minutes
18 Lv. 18 Horde VIII+IX 1 minute
19 Lv. 19 Horde IX 1 minute
20 Lv. 20 Horde Overlord IX+X 5 minutes


With each wave you can get the points from the following table per attacking troop.

Horde level 5.png

Horde level 4.png

Horde level 3.png

Horde level 2.png

Horde level 1.png

Horde level.png


You get ranking as a solo player and the alliance gets scored as a whole - the more people are in the alliance, the longer they survive, the more points they bring for the alliance. Individual rewards depend on the ranking and score you have reached, you can check them out in the event page. You can earn alliance honor, funds, basic resources and Chief Gear Materials

Rewards are given 24 hours after the end of the event, but you won't receive the rewards if you leave the alliance. Make sure you check your "Rewards stash" from within "Events Billboard" building inside your settlement for the rewards.